I’m very excited to say that my first book, “Is it time to RETHINK your fashion?” is due for publication in June 2019. This is a book I’ve wanted to write for a long time, mainly because I see so many women struggling with their own relationship to their fashion. The impact this has on how women feel about themselves is huge. My aim is to make fashion far less complicated. 

In “Is it time to RETHINK your fashion?” I share a lot of my realisations and learnings as a Fashion Designer. I write about my approach to fashion, how I buy the clothes I buy, what to avoid, understanding that not all clothes are created equal, why we only wear a small percentage of the garments we have, what it means to curate a collection, the role of customisation and how the world is changing and taking care of our clothing investment. I cover a lot more than this, but you get the picture. 

After reading “Is it time to RETHINK your fashion?” I have no doubt that you will open your closet with fresh eyes. You will have an absolute appreciation for the relationship between the clothes you wear and how you feel and you will know what to avoid, in terms of specific garments and fabrics as well as any negative buying habits. And you will be on the way to creating a collection of garments that you not only love and appreciate, but that make you feel confident, capable and beautiful, all of the time.