Let Me Develop Your Very Own Personal Fashion Strategy.

Most women and men who work with me start off by getting me to develop a Personal Fashion Strategy for them, and for a very good reason. Generally when it comes to the clothes we buy and the clothes we wear, we don’t have a plan or a strategy, and this is what leads to buying badly, having a closet full of clothes we will never wear and really that terrible sense of not loving any of the outfits we have.

By getting me to develop a Personal Fashion Strategy for you, so much will fall into place. You will really understand what you need to be doing to make better fashion choices, you will have specific recommendations for the outfits that will not only serve you the best but also make you feel your best and so much more. Ultimately a Personal Fashion Strategy will save you time and money and give you a sense of satisfaction knowing your resources are well spent.

The process is pretty easy. All of the information can be found below. This is the beginning of a complete fashion renaissance that you might have been waiting for for a very long time. And it would be a great pleasure for me to work with you. 

Lalita Lowe, 

Personal Fashion Curator.



When it comes to developing your Personal Fashion Strategy I cover a lot of ground. These are the 13 topics that I will make recommendations for you. 

1. Clarify your goals and objectives    

Make sure we are both on the same page regarding your fashion goals and objectives. 

2. Current fashion collection review

Clarify what we are working with, identify any gaps, the relevance of your existing items and clarify what’s working and what isn’t.  

3. Fashion recommendations

I will offer specific suggestions and recommendations for your overall fashion collection. 

4. Stylist recommendation 

Determine if we need to engage a stylist to provide specific fit and colour advice. Not everyone needs this, if I think you do I’ll make the recommendation. 

5. Tailoring recommendations 

This is to work with any existing garments that can be modified for better fit and also to have a tailoring strategy for future purchases. It’s amazing how many garments people have that can become favourite pieces and very practical pieces simply by making them fit better. 

6. Basic Pieces

Identify the essential pieces you need to form the basis of your collection. 

7. Signature Uniform 

Provide recommendations for a signature uniform look and feel that is appropriate for daily business wear.  

8. Casual Outfits

Provide recommendations for a casual look and feel that will work in any social environment. 

9. Signature Pieces

Identify the statement pieces that will complete your overall fashion collection. 

10. Special Events

Identify and make fashion recommendations for specific events, that you might have coming up in the near future. 

11. Budget 

Identify ways to save money and make smart purchases that fit the overall fashion strategy.

12. Storage and Care 

Review current clothing storage and care practises to identify ways to protect your fashion investment.  

13. Implementation 

I will provide detailed priorities, times frames and implementation recommendations for all of the above.


To develop a Personal Fashion Strategy takes about three weeks. It starts with a fact finding call, where I try to get as much information as possible. From here, I take this information and develop my specific recommendations for you. It’s very likely that we will have a few conversations during the development of your Fashion Strategy as I like to make sure I’m really hitting the target with you and your fashion needs. 


At the end of the process you will receive a document containing all of the relevant recommendations. I will also storyboard my suggestions for you so you can see my recommendations visually. My clients love this. 


Whilst I’m based in Melbourne, I work with people all over the planet. Most of what we do can be covered remotely. I have a very thorough process that enlists the aid of modern technology to ensure we share all of the information that I need. So don’t look at location as a challenge, I certainly don’t. 


My charge to develop a Personal Fashion Strategy is $995. I accept credit card, EFT and even PayPal payments. 


All you need to do is drop me a line at care@lalitalowe.com and we can get started straight away.