Lalita, meeting you was such a refreshing experience.  It is not often one is able to experience a young woman as creative and curious as you are.  Having an endless drive for fashion and the arts.  Your zest for color, all art forms and historical periods is rare. This does show in your work and your personal sketches. 

The color combinations you use in your fabrics and designs are most unusual and they speak from a trained eye. Your clients are most fortunate to have your trained eye help them with their decisions.  Also, your personal honesty and integrity speaks volumes.  May your success continue.
— Joan White, Director; Paris Fashion Institute.

I really enjoyed the Fashion Lowedown Session and learned a lot.  If I took one thing (or Loweism) away, it’s definitely “When In Doubt, Don’t”.

In fact, I’ve ‘not’ purchased several items since we spoke and I’m super glad! You already saved me that on those garments I didn’t buy. But best of all, you have saved me literally thousands of dollars in the future because what you have done is broken a habit of a lifetime!
— Tracy Angwin

I really enjoyed the Fashion Lowedown Session with Lalita, and felt she was truly listening to who I was and how that was expressed through the clothes I enjoy wearing on a daily basis. The session was scheduled for one hour, I enjoyed it so much that it only felt like 5 minutes.

Lalita’s Loweisms were really clear, made great sense and are completely synergistic with my approach to fashion: quality fabric design and manufacture, with unique elements for everyday easy effortless to wear pieces, fashion at your fingertips that you love to wear, that you love every time it’s taken out of the wardrobe, it looks great and feels comfortable.
— Sharon Moore

Lalita Lowe’s Fashion Lowedown Session was a fun and informative way to dissect my wardrobe. For the first time in a long time I analysed my thoughts around fashion and the image I am presenting to the outside world. Lalita’s no judgement on personal style or being ‘On Trend’ made this an extremely enjoyable session and I gained tremendous insight into my style and what to look for during future shopping trips.

I ended up questioning ‘why’ am I holding onto things I don’t wear, that don’t fit and I don’t really like. It showed me the importance of thinking before I purchase and “When In Doubt, Don’t”. I would highly recommend this session with Lalita.
— Ann Wilson

I just wanted to thank you so much for your time during the session the other week. I arrived feeling a little self-conscious in my (lack of) fashion sense. But you helped me to realise I really do know what I’m doing and that I’m innately doing all the right things anyway. Your gentle encouragement and beautiful non-judgemental nature gave me an extra little spring in my step and a new confidence to be me. Thanks again
— Dr Sarah Bishop

A big thanks to the gorgeous Lalita Lowe who with hardly any lead time and practically zero guidance from me, took an amazing amount of care in making me a beautiful dress for the Brownlow Medal. It was so much fun to share a vino with you and laugh through the process.
— Simone Dilena

There is only one person I have the pleasure to know with such a clear and conscious outlook around fashion investment. Quality and versatility in clothes and accessories - always respecting trends but with a long term vision - are imperative for Lalita Lowe. Her personal wardrobe is proof of that. It never disappoints.
— Evelyn Tye

Former classmate at Paris Fashion Institute and Current Fashion Market Director at Achtung Mode

Lalita was in my textile class at Paris Fashion Institute and was the life of the party!
Curious and intrigued about all things textile from the craftmanship to the styling and a great color sense .

Lalita’s perception of fashion is global: it encompasses great looks, unique craftmanship and the impact of creative design in the world. It takes Lalita’s special vision not to leave any of those out.

The fact that she looks very much like a reknown french actress: Isabelle Adjani, made her even more at home in the fashion capital of the world .
— Philippe David

Lalita made the whole process of reflecting on my fashion choices and style very accessible and enjoyable, rather than my normal state of feeling daunted. Her ‘Lowe-isms’ provided great food for thought and generated a few ah-ha moments. Perhaps the greatest insight was the idea that the world of bespoke clothing is ‘a game changer’ as she says, and is actually an option for the average woman like me.
Overall, I’m looking forward to implementing her ideas – I’ll be looking at future clothing purchases as ‘curating’ my wardrobe rather than my normal impulse buys!
— Andrea Plawutsky

Thank you very much for our session together, I found you to be really approachable, non-judgemental and established rapport quickly.
I resonated with three key Loweisms - Develop your own Uniform, When In Doubt Don’t, and We only Wear 20% Of Our Wardrobe . These connect directly to de-cluttering for me, as well as new purchases.
— Dimity