Are You a Professional Speaker?

As a professional Speaker with 30 years experience, I know how important building your personal brand is, and by association, the importance of what you wear on stage and off. Lalita Lowe understands this incredibly well. She helps professional Speakers like me to develop a Fashion Strategy designed to build their Speaker brand and she is extremely good at it.
— Andrew Griffiths, International Bestselling Author and Global Speaker. 

As a professional Speaker you craft your language so that it communicates the message that you want to share in a compelling way. Each sentence is thought through in a considered way so that the audience knows exactly what action you want them to take. 

Great Speakers are extremely good at this, but great Speakers also know how important non verbal communication is. The clothes both male and female Speakers wear play a bigger role than many people realise, they send very specific messages, onstage and off. 

How you are perceived visually has a big impact on your personal brand. It takes time to build a brand and a profile and ideally to become the first person that people think of as a Speaker for your targeted audience. Building your personal brand and image is about consistency. It’s about representing yourself in a strategic way so that what you wear is representative of your message and creates a persona that people want to engage with. 

Whilst what you wear on stage as a Speaker is the area most people tend to focus on and think about, I like to dive deeper. Your fashion sends messages long before you get anywhere near a stage and Speakers need to consider this. 

Think about your “Speaker Touch Points”, the times when people will form an opinion about you and your Speaker brand. The moment you meet with a prospective client, when you are traveling on a plane, or when you arrive at the venue, when you are doing your sound checks and even socially when you bump into delegates at the venue after you’ve presented. 

Speakers need to be considered with what they wear and this needs to start the moment you leave home. You need to be strategic and plan for every aspect of the Speaker assignment. This is where I come in. 

I work with Speakers, both men and women, to help them develop a Fashion Strategy that will ensure they are building their personal brand in a way that is on message and appropriate for them and their audiences. This doesn’t mean wearing the same outfit on stage all of the time. In fact I would advise against that. 

To decide what your Speaker outfit will be depends on the audience, the location, the culture, the theme, even the time of day. You want to have consistency in your image but be appropriate for the situation, and so it makes sense to have a complete set of outfits ready for each scenario. 

When I work with a professional Speaker to help them develop a Speaker Fashion Strategy, we work together to develop a very specific look and feel for the following scenarios -

  1. A high level, keynote style big event. This is the “big room” image. It’s important, formal and vital for building your Speaker brand. 
  2. A more casual and intimate event but one that still requires the right look and feel. This applies to workshop style events as well. 
  3. Presenting at a retreat, which generally requires outfits for multiple days. 
  4. Travelling to and from speaking engagements - you never know who you will meet along the way.  
  5. Developing the right look for video and media opportunities. 
  6. Determine the right outfits for photographic opportunities - which needs more consideration than people generally realise. 
  7. General business look and feel. For example meeting clients ahead of time, working on partnerships, going to Speaker Bureaus etc, Speakers need a business type personal uniform. 

I would love the opportunity to help you develop the perfect brand building clothing collection. As you can tell, I dive pretty deep. By doing a Speaker Fashion Strategy with me, you will receive very clear and very specific advice, designed to help you create a strong Speaker Brand. 

If this sounds like something you would like to pursue, please drop me an line here. 

Lalita Lowe 

Personal Fashion Curator