The Signature Uniform Package

We all know the woman or man who seems to always dress in a similar style, yet their outfits are different enough to give a variation on their image whilst maintaining an underlying look and style. This is called a Signature Uniform and it’s a great way to develop a consistent look and feel that helps to build both your personal and your professional brand.

In this set of images of Emmanuelle Alt ( The current editor of French Vogue ) below, you will see that the blazer is a signature look of hers whether dressy or more casual. The length of the blazer is also similar. Imagine having a dew items like this that defined your style and personal brand. 


Images from Getty Images.

A Signature Uniform is made of a repeatable style which is given versatility through colour, texture and variations on a theme. The basis of the Signature Uniform is finding a style that best suits you and which you feel most confident in. Once you have developed your own Signature Uniform, there are many benefits: 

•    You will save a lot of time getting ready each day.

•    You will save time shopping because you will know what to look for.

•    You will save money - having clearly defined guidelines will help you choose pieces that you will wear ( rather than pieces that will just sit in the closet). 

•    You will have confidence each and every time you open your closet knowing you will have something to wear that will make you feel fantastic and also align with the image you wish to portray. 

•    You will develop a consistent collection truly representative of who you are.

•    Your collection of outfits will give a positive impression each time you meet with clients. 

•    A memorable signature style will position you in the minds of your clients.

I offer a unique package to help women develop a Signature Uniform. There are three key elements to the package: 

1. REVIEW YOUR CURRENT COLLECTION: Identify the pieces you currently own and love and that will be on target with the personal brand that you wish to portray, which can be the basis of your Signature Uniform. 

2. IDENTIFY FUTURE PURCHASES: Pinpointing specific styles and garments which need to be added to your collection to make it functional, repeatable and fun and in alignment with your Signature Uniform.  

3. DEVELOP YOUR SIGNATURE UNIFORM STRATEGY - Now we develop the overall strategy which includes specific suggestions and implementation for your Signature Uniform. 


•    Discuss what your objective and needs are from the Signature Uniform.

•    Identify the key pieces in your current collection that you love and wear    regularly.                                              

•    Understand why you love these key pieces and break it down into points.

•    From this list -  identify the pieces that truly enhance and compliment your shape and style.

•    Discuss your lifestyle and the clothes that will suit your needs. 

•    Discuss budget.

•    Discuss ideal fabrics and garment shapes.

•    Pinpoint key silhouettes that will make up your signature uniform.

•    Condense the bulk of your collection down to a few key styles that can be   repeated.

•    These looks find their versatility and variety through, different colours, fabrics and variations on a key theme we outline for you.



If you would like to develop your own Signature Uniform, click the button below and we can get started straight away.  


Lalita Lowe, your Personal Fashion Curator