Would you Like to Work With me?

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Every woman I work with has a unique history with their fashion, they have their own very specific needs and expectations and the areas that they know they want to work on vary considerably. Because of this, I like to work one on one with each of my clients, to ensure they have the very best customised experience with me, regardless of whether we work together for a few hours or for a few years. 

My aim is to help you rethink your relationship with your fashion, and to develop an overall strategy. This will in turn create positive change in how you choose each outfit from your current closet and how the way these garments make you feel. 

Instead of buying pieces based on habits that no longer serve, my intent is to make sure that each piece is “wow” and wiIl be truly loved. I help women sift through the noise of fashion to create a personal collection that truly represents them. I find ways to come up with an economical and creative approach, that is going to work wonderfully well for you. 

I suggest that you drop me a line and lets tee up a time to have a conversation about where you are right now and where you would like to be and we can work out the best way to go forward.