The Paris Fashion Lowedown Tour 

I love Paris. Simple as that. Having studied and worked there in the fashion industry, I have developed an extraordinary appreciation for this city, which to me, is certainly the epicentre of all things fashion from a global perspective. 

For anyone with a love of fashion and a desire to experience the industry from a cultural perspective, Paris is the city to do it. In June 2019 I will be running a fashion tour to the city that I call my second home. The concept is to take a small group of women on a very unique inside look at some of the well known fashion houses in Paris. We will visit designers, tailors, boutiques and even iconic fashion museums. 

Of course being Paris there is so much to see and do. There will definitely be a big educational focus and what you will learn and experience about the French world of fashion will open your eyes. I have many colleagues and contacts to help make this tour unforgettable on so many levels. 

If you would like more information, please drop me a line and I would love to take some time to tell you all about what I have planned.