Sourcing One Off Garments

Most women (in fact most people) have at least a few clothes in their closet that they don’t wear, simply because they don’t fit them. Sometimes this is something as simple as a pair of pants that need hemming, or a shirt that needs to be taken in or let out. How much money is wasted by having clothes that simply don’t fit us sitting on a hanger in a closet? And how frustrating is it to keep looking at them. 

With this service, we will determine exactly which garments need to be tailored (and which really need to go). We then work with one one my team of tailors and go through exactly what needs to done. I only work with leading tailors that I know will do an excellent job. 

Often this service alone will give you so many more quality clothes to wear, some of which may have been sitting in your closet for years.