As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner, What you Wear is More Important Than you may Realise.

The fashion choices we make as Entrepreneurs and business owners are far more significant than we realise. I have the great pleasure of working with women who are busy building their own businesses and more often than not, their fashion choices have fallen by the wayside due to the demands of their business and their life. 

My job as a Personal Fashion Curator is to help women develop a relationship with their fashion that works on every level. It has become complicated in recent times, but with some simple guiding advice, a little coaching and a few smart strategies, there is a lot we can achieve in a short amount of time.  

Personally I feel that there are five reasons why we need to focus more attention on our fashion and each is very significant. As I spend more time developing fashion strategies and helping female entrepreneurs and business owners to build a more effective collection of clothes, I realise the importance of addressing these issues:  


Anyone who is building a business knows that it takes constant effort and a high level of self belief to achieve our goals. The confidence required to back ourselves can be a challenge that many of us really do understand. We need to do everything we can to set ourselves up for success, and there is no doubt that what we wear and how we look certainly have a big impact on our level of confidence.


As a small business owner the last thing we can afford to do is throw away money. We know that we want to maximise profits and reduce costs and yet it doesn’t always happen this way. There are unexpected events, things with enough planning we can prepare for and then there are illogical purchases that get in the way.  Ideally we want to make sure each dollar is spent wisely and one area where we often don’t spend as wisely as we could is with the clothes we buy. 


As an Entrepreneur, each time a client comes into contact with you and by association, your personal brand, you want them to be left with the same positive impression. Having a personal brand is about consistency in messaging. Like any branding, the end result is how you make people feel.  What you choose to wear plays a huge part in this. Whilst we might understand this concept, often we don’t really consider it fully or incorporate fashion decisions into an overall business business strategy. 


The one commodity every single business owner has in short supply is time. We have have so many demands, priorities and things to do, and in amongst it all, we need to make sure we look our best to really represent our brand appropriately to the outside world. Who has the time? Suzy Menkes, a  fashion critic and journalist, with an incredibly busy schedule, says she “doesn’t believe in very complicated clothes”, because she simply doesn’t have time for them.  Suzy adds, “I want my clothes to work as hard as I do.” This can mean focusing on quality over quantity and choosing simple pieces that work every time in every situation.


Having a strategy could mean considering your philosophy for doing business and whether it is reflected in your fashion choices. It could mean addressing social and ethical decisions by making considered purchases, taking into consideration the environment, fast fashion (that comes with a high social cost) and ethical, sustainable supply chains. So we have a business strategy to work with, perhaps it’s time for you to have a fashion strategy as well. 

Recently I created a series of articles and videos written and produced specifically for Entrepreneurs and business owners to help them to get a better understanding of the relationship between their fashion choices and their business. I hope you enjoy reading the articles and watching the videos. 

ARTICLE 1 - The relationship between your personal brand and your fashion?

VIDEO 1 - Entrepreneurial Fashion Series - Video One - The Relationship Between Your Personal Brand and Your Fashion.

ARTICLE 2 - You have a strategy for your business, why not for your fashion?

VIDEO 2 - Entrepreneurial Fashion Series - Video Two - You Have a Strategy for Your Business, Why Not Your Fashion?

ARTICLE 3 -  If you struggle with confidence as an Entrepreneur and business owners, here are 8 fashion tips that might just help 

VIDEO 3 - Entrepreneurial Fashion Series - Video Three - If You Struggle With Confidence as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Here are Some Fashion Tips That Might Just Help. 

ARTICLE 4 - How much money do you waste on fashion and what impact is that having on your business?  

VIDEO 4 - Entrepreneurial Fashion Series - Video Four - How Much Money do You Waste on Your Fashion?

ARTICLE 5 - 10 Strategies to help you save a pile of time when it comes to your fashion.  

VIDEO 5 - Entrepreneurial Fashion Series - Video Five - How to Save Time With Your Fashion

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I hope you’ve found this information helpful. 

Kindest regards,

Lalita Lowe, Personal Fashion Curator.