Complete Your Winter Look With the Perfect Coat


It's Winter here in Australia, we all need a bit of extra inspiration to get up in the morning. Imagine getting ready for the day and being excited about what you will wear? The last thing we usually put on before leaving the house is a warm coat or jacket. Does the one that you wear regularly make you feel polished and confident?

The jacket you wear on a regular basis should be just as considered as the rest of your daily attire. Think about the one you wear most of the time, did you buy it with a little strategy or was it a solitary purchase? Does the jacket you wear have a sense of style or is it an afterthought for you, something that is thrown on to get from A to B? 

The right jacket is like the icing on the cake, it can make or break your outfit. and choosing the right one is an investment, considering you will keep it for at least a few years. Take time to find the right one for your height, shape and lifestyle and it will go a long way to creating the right impression. 

Here are two articles that can help you start thinking about the right type of jacket for you.

For men click here  

For women click here

If you love your current jacket but feel it needs some tweaking perhaps it could do with some extra tailoring from a specialist to make it fit you perfectly. If the jacket that you wear regularly is not complimenting your style it may be time to find a new one. If you are in search of one at the moment, take the time to find a jacket that gives you a polished look and makes you feel inspired to step foot out that wintery door each day. 


Lalita Lowe