Travelling Light Can be Stylish and Fun.


Travel is becoming an increasing part of our lives. It’s not uncommon to have a few days or a few weeks lined up where we will travel for work or put everything on hold, hop on a plane and enjoy a new destination. The question is, what do we take with us? 

How do we decide what to wear, what will be appropriate and how can we be sure of wearing the pieces we pack? Navigating a packing experience can be stressful if we don’t have some guiding principals to keep us in check.  Here are five tips that will help with the process.


Before you begin, it’s best to know and remember the purpose of your trip. It sounds self explanatory but often we get carried away by the ‘what if’s” as opposed to the reality of the situation. We can’t pack everything, so pack for the purpose. If you’re going to Europe for a three week trip in Spring, keep most of your clothes light and pack a great trans-seasonal jacket to cover those colder moments.  Think “capsule collection” that signifies a purpose. 


You know what it’s like, starting out with the statement “I’m going to pack light this time” and then before you know it the luggage limit is 25kg and you have 50kg. Just as packing with a purpose keeps you focused, so does remembering to keep your fashion personality at bay. Stay focused,  don’t get side tracked by the sparkly stilettos that you “might” need. Take one (maybe two depending on the length of stay) pair of heels that can be worn out to many evening events. It’s so easy to go off track and start packing pieces just because you love them. Once you choose one of these pieces many others will find themselves into your suitcase. As soon as things start getting too fashion, reign in the emotions and come back to the purpose of your trip. 


Only take the pieces that you feel great in, this way you will be able to take less items and will want to wear them more often. These are most likely the ones that you wear regularly at home anyway. They are probably the versatile ones that fit you well. Choose the winners in your wardrobe that are weather appropriate for the destination you are going to. The key to packing lightly and being assured of a satisfying versatile travel collection is to only take what you LOVE. 


This is the key to all fashion dilemmas and definitely applies to travel. Doubt is not the sign of a difficult choice it’s the sign that something is wrong and most likely the piece that you are doubting is either not appropriate for the destination or you don’t love wearing it to begin with. So at any moment in the packing experience, if you are stopped by a moment of uncertainty, remember: When in Doubt, DONT. 


Fashion is emotional, each garment we own has a story and often simply picking up an outfit and putting it in the suitcase (or not) is less than straight forward. Sometimes we need an external opinion to remind us what we will honestly wear and not. We need someone to keep the overall view and be an objective voice in a moment of weakness. Call up a girlfriend, crack open a bottle of champagne and let the packing begin. Between you, you will create a travel collection that will be both practical and wonderful. 

Deciding what to pack for your next destination can be easeful. Remember these few tips to place  some parameters around your packing decisions. Choose pieces that you will be excited to wear regularly knowing you will always look fabulous. It only takes a bit of fashion discipline to discover that travelling light can be stylish and fun. 


Lalita Lowe