Pack for Style, Not as a Traveller

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You know a traveller when you see them, shorts, t-shirt, sneakers and a back pack …. my question to you is.. does this really apply when you are visiting the city of light or cruising down the French Riviera? Why do you have to wear practical clothing that makes you look like a foreigner?

I often wonder why people think that because they are travelling, they can only take the most practical clothing available. Sure, as I mentioned in my last article we need to think about the destination we are going to and not get carried away by emotion, packing lots of clothes that we will never wear. On the other hand I think we also need to consider dressing in a way that is comfortable and at the same time enables us to fit in with the locals, to “look the part” so to speak.

We can travel and look stylish as well as be comfortable. It may take a little more time to figure out what those pieces are but it can be done and you may find yourself having a much more satisfying experience being able to look your best at the same time as exploring the unique beauty of the location you are travelling to. 

There are many ways to travel. Some people like to pack as much in as they possibly can, they want to see all the sights and run around a new city only to be exhausted at the end of the day. My question to you is, is this really the way to experience a place? Are you really able to get a sense of the culture? 

Let's now imagine another way to visit a new location. 

Travelling to me is about taking in the essence of a place. We put so much effort money and time into visiting, why not do it in a way that satisfies all the senses? I am posing a new way of travel which includes the way we dress. 

Clothing is a part of culture, rather than standing out as a traveller, why not wear simple elegant and comfortable clothing that makes you look and feel like a local. Imagine going for dinner feeling just as you would if you were dressing to go out in your home town. Travel should not be a compromise on experience. 

The problem with packing is that we have a limited amount of space and lots we want to do in our destination ! At the outset we need to realise that we are not going to be able to have all our comforts and choices available. From there, once we have accepted that the options will be more limited we can focus on maximising what we will take. We can start by asking how we want to feel, what our activities will be, where we are going and what the culture is like.

When building a stylish travel collection, focus on a couple of key colours, preferably neutral. Take high quality garments that can be layered. Think fine knitwear that can be worn together. Take key pieces you love that can be worn on repeat and interchanged with other items, for example a blouse that can be worn with a skirt or jeans for example. Or a dress that can be worn during the day but will look just as fantastic at night with heels.  

The key is to change your mindset from traveller to local. Think comfort and style and this will go a long way to making your next trip a fantastic photo opportunity. It can be an experience filled with many “laissez-faire” moments (leaving things to take their own course ) where the unique style of the culture is enjoyed and you find a new level of enjoyment on the next trip of your dreams. 

P.S. Remember to take the pieces you love.

Lalita Lowe, your Personal Fashion Curator.


Lalita Lowe