What Percentage Of Your Clothes Do You Actually Wear?


There are standout winners in every field and this is the same in fashion, including your personal fashion collection. I have heard from many women that there is a section of their closet which repeatedly gets selected for its ability to make her feel great. The rest, well, take them or leave them. 

A few years ago I went on a two week trip to Paris. I usually take a lot of clothes with me but as this was a short visit I wanted to see if it was possible to last with less. My suitcase was slightly bigger than a carry on and I wondered if there was enough clothes to get me through. 

After returning home I was amazed to discover I had only worn half of what was packed. These were the pieces I felt most comfortable in, the ones that all worked together and those which gave me a polished look. I also realised these were my favourites whether I was travelling or at home.

In reality many women only wear 20% of their closet. So what about the rest, all those clothes that go unworn, unloved or were bought on a whim? What if we could stop buying these and make better fashion decisions. Imagine saving all that money from the wrong purchases and putting it into some great ones. Imagine opening up your closet and not knowing what to wear because you love everything you see.

I recently spoke with a woman who said that she owned many pieces she didn’t feel great in. We spoke about this and why it happens and discovered a few themes. Over time I’ve realised these are common amongst many women;

  • We get enticed by the way an item looks on the hangar in store but when we get home it doesn’t apply to the rest of our collection.
  • Another reason is not understanding the shapes and styles which truly suit us.
  • Buying things because they are cheap but won’t necessarily last.
  • Biased advice from the sales assistant ( remember their job is to sell clothes)
  • Buying clothes because they look good but are made from bad fabric that doesn’t actually wear well. So within a couple of washes it looks old and becomes unwearable. 

One way to avoid these mistakes is to have a better understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t. As a personal fashion curator I help women with this. The place to start is by identifying the pieces you feel most comfortable wearing. Then we need to deconstruct why. The more we understand how certain pieces make us feel and why, the better buying decisions we will make. 

The real goal is that when you open your closet you don’t just like a small percentage of your clothes, you actually find it really hard to make a choice because you love everything that you have, and every piece makes you feel your best. The place to start is by being aware. This means being aware of what works for you and what doesn’t, knowing how a piece will work in your collection, and only buying pieces you feel 100% confident about.