What does a Signature Uniform look like?


Many clients tell me they love the concept of having a signature uniform but don’t know how to translate it into a style that will work for them. They understand it will save them time and give them a polished look each and every day, but just need help putting it all together. It really is a lot easier than it seems and comes down to what you feel your best in. 

Through all my experience in the fashion industry I have developed my own philosophies on fashion. They have also come about by learning from my own fashion winners and faux pas. These are guiding principles I use when choosing my own pieces and also what I use when working with clients. These philosophies are called my 15 fashion Loweisms, and one of these is: Develop Your own Signature Uniform. 

The reason I strongly believe in developing a signature uniform is that simplicity actually creates a powerful and elegant style. It makes it easy to choose what to wear each morning. It’s not the fashion items, the bold and different designs that make us look our best. Nor does having a million different pieces give us flexibility. A versatile, flattering and successful collection comes from having a very defined set of pieces to choose from.

I feel there are certain styles of garments that we feel and look our best in. We all have some of them in our closet right now and some of them are yet to be discovered! A signature uniform includes:

  • A few key types of garments which are repeated,
  • Pieces that highlight your best features whether is be your waist, legs, height, or hourglass figure, 
  • Comfort as a priority,
  • An interchangeable colour palette,
  • Mixing up a garment type eg a pencil skirt with different colours and textures,
  • It represents your personal brand,
  • It works with your livestyle,
  • Pieces you feel your best in.

Here are a few iconic examples of a Signature Uniform:

The Pencil Skirt: 

Carine Roitfeld, a french fashion icon, and the previous editor of French Vogue uses the pencil skirt as the basis for most of her looks. She often pairs it with a shirt or simple block colour top. Notice each look is so different and yet the elements of this create a signature uniform. The pencil skirt is perfect for Carine’s body shape. The length of the skirt is always the same and appropriate for her height. The open neckline of the shirt creates a feminine feel and also lengthens her silhouette. 


The White Shirt 

Carolina Herrera designed the white shirt for many years and showed us how it can be worn in a multitude of ways. The white shirt gives a polished look to every outfit. There are so many types, find the right necklines, hem lengths and shapes for you. It can be fitted or tailored, it can also take your look from day to night. The white shirt adds simplicity and elegance to a statement skirt. It will allow you to have your own signature uniform while also utilising all the wonderful pants and skirts in your collection. 


The Blazer

Emmanuelle Alt, current editor of French Vogue shows us how the the blazer gives sophistication to an outfit. It will add a touch of formality if needed. It can take a casual pair of jeans and a t-shirt and make them dressy. A blue single breasted blazer is classic and will add just enough professionalism and elegant chic to your business attire. If you wear a casual outfit during the day, if your work requires your clothing to be more flexible for many situations, the blazer can go with you are to be worn whenever you need to hop out for a meeting or be in a more formal setting. A blazer is a must have in your collection. 



Creating your own signature uniform is about finding your own pieces that can be repeated. Its not about copying the looks in these examples piece for piece, but wearing your chosen signature items in a way that works for your day to day activities. 

A signature uniform is about adding simplicity to your lifestyle. In it’s essence this style of dressing is made up of a few key items which may seem nothing much in themselves but when you put them together as an ensemble they say so much. They allow your personality to shine.



Lalita Lowe