Is it Time to Create Your Own Signature Uniform? 

signature_uniform_1 .png

When we think about having a uniform most people automatically visualise a military or industrial  style of outfit, however there is another way to look at this type of dressing.  There is a way we can incorporate the reason for having a uniform and apply it to our personal fashion collection. 

The purpose of a uniform is to cut out the fuss and create a reliable and consistent style, especially when it comes to the working week. The last thing we want is to fuss about deciding what to wear each day. Imagine if you had your own type of signature uniform that was stylish and could be replicated with ease? 

Having a signature uniform can be more personalised and less rigid than your standard “look alike” variety. It can be a style of clothing and a colour combination, in a range of pieces, that we can mix and match. The look is similar on a day to day basis, but unique and individual enough to make it your signature uniform. 

If you are a business owner or Entrepreneur, it should work with your lifestyle, the image you are trying to portray and most importantly, ensure it is relevant and appropriate to your customers. We live in a world where we can be much more creative with the way we dress for work, whilst still retaining all the credibility and convenience of a specific look that becomes a part of our personal brand.

Developing a consistent look is one of the best ways to save time . A good signature uniform will be polished and it will establish respect in whomever lays eyes on it. It certainly doesn’t need to be boring, in fact it really should showcase your personality. The enjoyment lies in having beautiful, quality and perfectly fitted items that you can feel comfortable, elegant and attractive in all day.

A uniform implies consistency. It carries with it a sense of assurance. And that is what we want with our clothes isn’t it? Just as a uniform provides reliability and ease, that is the experience we look for when choosing what to wear each morning. We want our clothes to make us feel and look our best. So why not embrace this approach and start developing your own signature uniform?

So what does this mean? Are you imagining wearing the same type of dress every day? Well that would be kind of boring wouldn’t it? What I am talking about is being much more diverse. I am suggesting that you research what the best looks are in your current clothing collection. These are the ones that people compliment you whenever you where them, the ones that are versatile and the ones that make you feel confident. Think about these items and consider how you could turn them into a signature uniform, that still retains your individuality. 

You may need certain fabrics that work with your climate and the way you move around your day. Think about the types of activities you are doing. And think about the styles you feel most comfortable in. This is the best place to start. 

By developing  a personal uniform you will:

1. Save considerable time and lots of money

Once you have established the types of clothing that suit you and the look you want to portray, you simply buy more of the same items. This will save you lots of time on a daily basis (some women spend up 90 minutes a day deciding what to wear). And you will avoid making shopping mistakes because you are buying clothing to a strategy. 

2. Be more discerning about what you buy and wear. 

Having a streamlined look means you will start to choose more of the right items. You will have your own guidelines to follow and if you stick to them, you will have fewer items in your closet that you don’t wear (statistically the average women wears about twenty percent of the clothes in their closet - meaning eight out of every ten garments sit unused until they are throw away.  

3. Have  a bunch of great looks that will work from day to night.

Even though your signature uniform follows a theme and style, the look is still unique enough to stand alone. This will give you incredible choices on a daily basis. 

Once you define your signature uniform, and limit this to a few streamlined looks, you will actually enjoy considerably more fashion freedom. Developing this approach brings consistency, reliability and satisfaction to your life. It takes the fuss out of choosing what to wear and allows you to have a polished look every day. 

Is it time for you to develop your signature uniform? If you’re a business owner or business professional, you might find this extremely helpful on many levels.

Lalita Lowe