Create a Fashion Budget That Honours You As Well As Your Resources.


Imagine having an allotted amount of money towards buying clothing each year. You may be thinking you don’t have a lot of external resources to create a fashion budget however it actually doesn’t matter what the size of your income is. Each of us spend money on clothes each year so it is really more about figuring out what you can afford to spend and then planning accordingly. 

All of this falls into what I call a fashion strategy, which is about understanding your needs in terms of your look and the clothes you wear and then using this to buy the pieces you truly need and love. 

Personally I don’t shop very often but when I do I like to buy good quality pieces that will last. I recently created my own fashion strategy and realised that there are a lot of pieces that I will need to be replacing soon. So I what I’ve done is figure out the order of priority what I will need in the next month, then in a few months and so on. I also know how much I usually spend on each particular item so it’s about factoring that in. 

This means that I may have to wait for some items such as a jacket which is more of an investment, but it is worth it because I have planned for it and will be buying what I like and intend rather than having to buy something when the need arises and it not being what I was really after. 

Having a fashion budget makes so much sense, you may be thinking that it will extract all the joy out of shopping, but really it is the reverse. Having a fashion budget will allow you to set the terms. It will help you buy well and leave wasted resources as a thing of the past. 

One thing I suggest is asking yourself: “What do I really want to wear?”. Having a fashion budget allows you to be more strategic and perhaps raise the bar on the types of clothes you want to wear. It may mean waiting a little longer for a great item but it will be worth it in the long run. 

This doesn’t mean always spending a lot of money on clothes it just means investing where is needed and being driven by a higher intention. It means of course you don’t spend too much on a t-shirt but then again you allow yourself to buy the nice fabrics and the right shape t-shirt that will suit you and make you feel and look your best. You can then apply this to each type of garment.

Having a fashion budget will help you understand the playing field, it will allow you to understand the resources you are working with which will then in turn help you be in control of what you spend and also the types of garments you buy. It also means honouring yourself by choosing pieces that make you feel confident. You will have the satisfaction of a great wardrobe, you will also have peace of mind knowing you spent well and have the wardrobe to prove it. 




Lalita Lowe