Rethink Your Fashion

Do you ever stop to take an in-depth review of your fashion ? Have you ever asked yourself whether your clothes truly reflect who you are and how you want to feel?

Do you open your closet and love pretty much every garment you see? Do you have a strategy when it comes to adding to your own personal fashion collection? If you struggled to answer yes to any of these questions don’t worry, you’re not alone. 


As a Personal Fashion Curator, my business is to help women find answers and solutions to questions like these. As I research my upcoming book “Is it Time to Rethink Your Fashion?”, I’m realising that many women are ready to rethink their own personal relationship with fashion, but they just don’t know where to start.

As a qualified Fashion Designer, who has studied and worked in France, the USA and Australia, my relationship with fashion has developed over time and become more refined. I have a very simple collection of quality pieces that I know will make me feel great. 

This sounds simple, and as my philosophy and experience have evolved, I realise what has changed the most is how I think about my fashion collection as a whole (yes, I look at every piece of clothing in my closet as a collection that needs to be curated). 

I look much deeper at what garments are made from, what fit (and good fit in particular) really means and understanding the role and relationship between the pieces in my collection. I’m always reflecting on how a certain outfit makes me feel – and I take note of that feeling. 

What I’m really saying is that for many women, fashion choices have become somewhat subconscious. It might simply be that something looks nice, stands out or is the latest. My passion lies in exploring this at a much deeper level, and helping women everywhere to redefine and rethink their relationship with their fashion to help them always feel their best, strong and confident, attractive and feminine. 

So I’m going to share more of my ideas and views around this concept, not only in my book but also here on my blog and on other platforms where I can expand on the concepts, ideas and realisations that I’ve had as a fashion professional. If it’s time to rethink your relationship with your fashion, I hope I can help.  

Lalita Lowe                                                                                                                                     Personal Fashion Curator