Increase Your Fashion Value With Tailoring


There is a section of every woman’s collection (closet) that has untapped opportunities. Did you know that if you just took in or let out the waist of a garment you may be able to wear that item again? Or perhaps the arms of a jacket have become too tight but the rest of the jacket still fits. If you have stopped wearing some pieces because of a technicality then there are solutions for you! Don’t throw them out!

There are many ways to adjust garments to make them work again. You may have held onto a piece because you still love it and at the same time haven’t thought about the possibility of tailoring or altering. 

One of my views on fashion is that each piece (garment) we own must be a treasured item and hold long term value for us. If they are quality pieces that truly suit our look and lifestyle then they will be guaranteed to make us feel fantastic. Sometimes it just takes a little reworking if we have had them for a while. 

A part of my work with women is to help them identify the garments in their collections that need altering and discuss the possibilities to bring these much loved pieces back to life. There are many ways to achieve this so you fall in love with them again. Here are a few possibilities. 


The correct length of a garment makes all the difference If there is enough fabric and the crease of the hem can be pressed out a tailor can let down a hemline to suit your needs. Alternatively there is always the option to shorten a garment if appropriate. 


Armholes, if too low or baggy they can be taken in, if there is a lot of rework required then adjustments will need to be made at the shoulders and the next opening but it’s all possible. Armholes can also be enlarged depending on the type of dress. 

Shoulder Pads:

Do you have a suit jacket or blazer with shoulder pads that are no longer relevant? These can be removed by a qualified tailor or seamstress as they will need to adjust the armhole and shoulder also. You can have your favourite jacket back in a flash! 


Have a blouse or top that you don’t wear and cant put your finger on why? It could be because of the neckline. Round necklines only suit some women. For many a deeper neckline makes all the difference in elongating and flattering your look. Round necklines can be changed to a v-neck or U-neck. 


Is your favourite dress a little tight or a little loose? A seamstress can easily and instantly transform this piece by adjusting the seams. Sometimes the height of the waistline can also be adjusted. You may not realise it but if the waistline is sitting at the wrong height it can make you look shorter and you will feel uncomfortable. Adjusting the waistline can transform your appearance.


Sleeves can be removed or shortened depending on your needs. Perhaps you have a winter dress made of a transseasonal fabric that could be easily reworked into a summer garment just by altering the sleeves. Et voila! 

After reading these descriptions can you think of items you own that need reworking and could be brought back to life? My call to you for this week is to put some time aside this week to identify these pieces. You may find more than you thought. Think of all the extra value untouched on hangars and shelves that is waiting to be utilised. 

Once you have identified all these pieces find a reputable tailor or seamstress who can make these adjustments for you. Not all are created equal. You will want to know how comprehensive their skills are, there are some who simply do alterations and others who are trained in tailoring and dressmaking. For treasured items you want to put your trust in the right professional. 

If we choose the right clothes they can be an investment. Taking care of them they will give us a great return, as will this game changer of alterations.  Imagine receiving your favourite pieces back and being able to wear them again. What a fantastic discovery. 

Lalita Lowe                                                                                                                                     Personal Fashion Curator

Lalita Lowe