You Have A Strategy For Your Business, Why Not For Your Fashion?


As Entrepreneurs we understand that  for a business to be successful we really need to be working to a strategy. And the strategy we are have needs to be continually evolving to meet things like changing markets, increased competition and customer trends . 

What we wear has a dramatic impact on our personal brand and the message we are sending to our clients, meaning that surely it makes sense for us to have a strategy for our fashion as a part of our overall business strategy. 

It can be easy to wear certain outfits out of habit, but do we know what our fashion choices are truly communicating and if they are speaking the language of our audience? Are they culturally appropriate? Being culturally appropriate can mean in terms of geography but also the culture of the organisation or group of people we are working with. 

Number one in communicating with our audience is being able to meet them where they are at. Which means understanding what they feel comfortable with. It also means presenting the best version of ourselves. So what does this look like, have we got the right pieces ( garments)  for the environments that we find ourselves in? Sometimes we need to be formal and other times the occasion calls for dressy casual. 

In order to convey a consistent, polished image do you have a uniform that allows you to save time and also be stylish? This doesn’t mean a uniform in the traditional sense, but more a personal uniform that is a collection of garments that enable you to go from day to night, with the assurance that what you are wearing is  appropriate for any situation that you might encounter . 

Do you have a signature look that conveys who you you are and what you stand for? A signature look could be one well cut dress that enhances your confidence and style. It could be a certain colour that you wear every time you do a keynote presentation. We all know about Mark Zuckerberg and the black t-shirt everyday, and whilst that is certainly a signature look, I’m sure that most of us would like something a little more creative and empowering than that. 

Having a strategy could mean considering your philosophy for doing business and whether it is reflected in your fashion choices. It could mean addressing social and ethical decisions by making considered purchases, taking into consideration the environment, fast fashion (that comes with a high social cost) and ethical, sustainable supply chains.

Each decision we make about our fashion has an impact on our business. It can encourage or discourage someone to engage with us. If we choose outfits that highlight our best features they will enhance our confidence and energy. 

Understanding the best outfits for our brand, personality and business takes a discerning eye and sometimes it may mean engaging with a fashion professional to really understand whats best for us. Imagine upgrading from acceptable to amazing and the impact that could have on your business? 

So we have a business strategy to work with, perhaps it’s time for you to have a fashion strategy as well. 

Lalita Lowe                                                                                                                                     Personal Fashion Curator