How Can a Fashion Strategy Help You?


Fashion and strategy are two things that we don’t naturally think of in the same breath. Our fashion choices are often dependent on the moment, and how we feel at any point in time. Strategy on the other hand, is based on reasoning and having a long term view. When we put these two together, we can expect to make fashion decisions that serve us in the long run as well as satisfying how we really want to look and feel.

I like to talk with my clients about the concept of looking at their personal fashion collections like an art collection, I ask them to take the stance of the curator. A curator knows what the overall theme of an exhibition or art collection will be and curates each piece accordingly. Similarly we can take that approach when it comes to the clothes that we own and the ones we will purchase in the future. Taking this overall view allows us to make sure that each piece we choose has relevance. 

And so, this is what I do with my clients as part of creating their personal fashion strategy. We talk about how they want to feel in the clothes they wear and what kind of collection they would like to build over time. Within the strategy I break it into two parts: utilising the clothes they currently own and the kinds of pieces they would like to purchase in the future. All of this is very different depending on the lifestyle of each woman or man, as well as their style, design, and fabric preferences. 

Statistically women only wear 20% of the clothes in their closet and men even less at 13%, which means that there is roughly 80% which could have been left in the store, saving us precious time and money. This is one of the benefits of  having a master plan for our fashion, future proofing each purchase so that our resources are well spent. 

There are so many benefits to having a personal fashion strategy, here are 7 top reasons to consider taking a long term strategic approach:

1. A signature style will emerge.

A fashion strategy weeds out all the inappropriate items you currently own to reveal the essence of your style. Each of us has a selection of clothing we wear repeatedly and these pieces are usually made up of a few common elements. These are the keys to creating a winning collection. For example you may find that the majority of pieces you actually wear consist of tailored pants matched with flowing tops and want to make this a key element, or perhaps a signature blazer with silk blouses and jeans are what you gravitate towards and this can be incorporated accordingly. 

2. Each of your fashion decisions will be made consciously.

Sometimes we can be stabbing in the dark when it comes to our fashion. Many purchases can be made just because we love them and not because they fit into an overall theme. At home we end up making the most of a myriad of different pieces and try to fit them together. In the process of developing a strategy we unpack why you choose the clothes you do and then develop some personal guidelines based on how you truly want to look and feel. By making your preferences conscious and putting them on paper we can then go on to create a really exciting strategy that will guide every fashion decision.

3. Resources will be well spent. 

Putting guidelines around future purchases means that you will save both time and money. It’s so easy to waste time when your clothing has no consistent workable theme. Time can also be lost when shopping because its often a lot harder to find the right pieces than we thought. It’s also easy to waste money on inappropriate and impulse items if there is no direction. Another big way to waste money is buying items that fall apart quickly or don’t hold their value. A big part of saving money is about buying the right pieces, which can mean investing is good quality items that will go the distance. With a fashion strategy comes piece of mind knowing there is a plan laid out that will save both time and money when it comes to your fashion. 

4. New pieces will be injected at the right time. 

Having a fashion strategy includes a long term view, which means waiting for the right pieces to come along as opposed to buying something just because it’s the best of what was on offer at the time. Have you ever gone out to buy a piece of clothing because you needed it only to come home empty handed or worse, with something that you never end up wearing? Having a long term view enables you to map out the particular shapes and colours you are after and be ready for them when you see them, or when your personal fashion curator can source them for you. 

5. Your view on fashion may take a paradigm shift.

Looking at what you own with a long term view could mean a shift in perspective.  Each piece we own should be an investment. If we make discerning purchases we can put more resources into the right ones and receive greater satisfaction. If it means paying a little bit more for a jacket and pair of pants that are perfectly tailored for your body,  you will be more likely to wear them and get more use out of them. View fashion as an investment just like an art collection and it will pay off.

6. Regretful purchases will become a thing of the past. 

Having a clear objective of the overall look and feel you want to achieve with your collection, means your shopping experience will be much more successful. You will have guidelines that will easily help you spot the right pieces and say no to the ones that have no relevance to your overall objective. For example, you will be more likely to say no to the ruffled floral dress that doesn’t fit in with the clean lines you naturally wear and the simple elegant direction you are after. 

7. Enjoy considerably more fashion freedom.

Does having a fashion strategy sound like something that will extract all of the joy out of your fashion? Well it’s far from it. Having tighter parameters makes choosing your outfits and putting pieces together so much easier. If anything the joy will increase because you will only allow for garments that truly represent you. 

Fashion and strategy are not what we naturally think of as going together and yet when we do combine them the pay off can be enormous. Each piece of your personal fashion collection will have value and meaning, it will fit into an overall theme giving greater ease and flexibility no matter what you choose to wear.

Lalita Lowe, your Personal Fashion Curator