A Custom Made Dress for the Brownlow Medal

Red Guipure dress.jpg

The creative process of a custom made garment is like a journey and discovery all in one. It’s an ongoing conversation to interpret a clients preferences and turn them into a design which is relevant for her personality, figure, and lifestyle.  

I was recently asked for a custom made dress by a client attending the Brownlow Medal in Melbourne, a high profile social event in the Australian Football calendar. It was an honour to do this and I loved every minute of it.

From choosing the fabric up until the final fitting, each moment was personalised. We worked together to meet her needs including a specific hem length, neckline and fit.  At the same time she was also open to my direction and we incorporated design elements which allowed the essence of her personality to shine. 

Choosing the fabric is one of the highlights. Each fabric creates a unique feeling and sensation. Some have texture, while others create emotion with their pattern and embellishment. For this dress we decided on lace which has an elegance and sensuality . While in the store I sent images of various exquisite options via text and could feel her delight to have such a personal shopping experience. My client ended up choosing a vibrant and stunning red Guipure lace.    

Guipure Lace.png

We had a few sample fittings to establish the silhouette. It takes time to make adjustments, transfer them to the pattern and then to make a new sample to see how it fits. This is the difference between couture and ready to wear and the reason why often, when you buy something off the rack you are not completely satisfied. Each of us has unique proportions and measurements. The satisfaction in wearing a custom made garment is that it fits in all the right places and allows you to be at ease when wearing it. This ease reflects in a sense of confidence and assurance. 

Each fabric has it’s own way of sitting on the body and after my client tried on the final garment we made a few adjustments so it fit perfectly around the hips, waist and arms.  In the end she looked stunning and we achieved the aesthetic she was after. At the event it was great to hear she was comfortable throughout the evening, this had been part of the intention when designing,  considering she would be sitting for many hours.  It was also wonderful to hear that my client received many compliments on the night. 

The beauty of this personalised service is a garment that feels natural and effortless to wear.  My intention is to create cultivated, refined and sensuous items.  Having an effortless style is where we see the person and not the garment. When people compliment you on how great you look that is a wonderful feeling! 

Seeing this dress appear on TV has been an added highlight! You can see the excerpt here. 

Lalita Lowe                                                                                                                                     Personal Fashion Curator