The Future of Fashion Lies in the Palm of our Hands

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The convergence of Fashion and Technology is shaping a new era of clothing production, soon we will be able to have clothing made to our exact body measurements for no more cost than we currently pay for our clothes. 

Once upon a time clothing was made to fit, I remember my mother used to make her own clothes as did her mother. As Fashion brands began to service more and more people,  manufacturing grew in capability, the unfortunate this is we have now reached the point now where clothing is being disproportionally created to the amount of people needing them.

This customisation of clothing will be a big step towards eliminating waste; waste amassed by  fashion brands where countless unsold clothes go to landfill. This waste will also be eliminated for us, the consumer. We will be spared from inappropriate purchases that don't fit, and most likely sit unworn in our cupboards for eternity.

The problem with mass produced clothing is that the quality is highly compromised, the longevity is reduced and it is highly likely that it won't fit properly in all the areas you need. Have you ever bought a dress that you loved only for it to gape at the back or be slightly tight in the shoulders?  

With the increasing focus being placed on technology, companies are researching ways to be able to satisfy a customers needs more completely which comes down to the fit of the garment, the colour and the fabric. We each have different measurements so it makes sense that customisation is the next frontier of clothing. 

Customised clothing means our purses will be fuller from avoiding bad purchases, and when we do shop we will be able to spend more wisely. There are a few companies out there at the moment who are developing this kind of advanced technology, although it's in the early stages, our ability to find what we are looking for is not far off. 

Recently the brand ZOZO has released an app that scans your body measurements when you wear a snug ZOZOSUIT. This information is then translated to a garment whenever you order clothing through the app. You can see a video here:

There are other companies out there developing similar technology like Unmade who are partnering with brands to offer a customised offering on their website. Two brands offering customised clothing are one in LA called Frilly , and another called Sumissura.

Here is a wonderful summation of the benefits of customisation from the Unmade website:

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.51.57 am.png

There is also a company developing a platform to offer customised knitwear called Knyttan. This founder, Ben Alun-Jones says "Mass customisation "can be the future of fashion,"  

You can watch the video about Knyttan here:

Although the offerings are limited at the moment I can see that in the future the ability to design our own clothes will be in our control. We will be able to find the exact garment we are after and it will be designed, ordered and made all from the palm of our hands. 



Lalita Lowe