Lets all Endorse Wearing Repeat Outfits

Arianna Huffington started a campaign for women to use the hashtag #stylerepeats in support of women being able to wear repeat outfits. She says that men can get away with wearing the same suit so why can't women wear their outfits repeatedly. 

Rather than being bad form, I think If we have garments that make us look and feel our best, our confidence will shine and people will see us, the person. Huffington says "Just wear something you love, again and again." 

Here is a short video with my thoughts on the topic and I have added a few questions below that it would be great to hear your thoughts on, send me an email to care@lalitalowe.com, or you can contact me here.

Have you worn an event outfit more than once to a social or business function?

How do you feel about wearing repeat outfits?

What are the outfits that you wear regularly? Why do you wear those pieces, is there something special about them that makes you feel fantastic?

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Ciao for now, Lalita x


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