We Only Wear 20% of Our Wardrobe


Recently I have been focusing on the idea that when we find a garment that fits and suits us perfectly, when we feel confident and love wearing it, we should be able to wear it again and again and again. Arianna Huffington has given cemented this term giving it the hashtag #stylerepeats. 

Style repeats are a way to make our days easier and simpler. These style repeats usually come from a section of our wardrobe that we wear regularly. You may be able to relate to this, but I find that I wear a small portion of my clothes over and over again and the rest of them are on a special event basis or worse, never worn at all. 

I have heard from both men and women who say that they have a lot of clothes but only wear a portion of them. Did you know that statistically women only wear 20% of their clothes and men wear even less at around 13%? This means that there is a whole lot of wasted resources lying around in our wardrobes. 

According to Brooklyn Decker of FINERY  “Women will spend more money on clothing that their education in their lifetime” You can listen to the podcast where she speaks about this here.  Our resources get wasted on the wrong garments in many ways, not only do we loose well earned dollars but we can also loose precious time and energy sifting through the 80% in our wardrobe to find the right clothes to wear each day. 

Regardless of whether we buy clothes for fun or for practicality we can still make the wrong decisions. In order to revolutionise our wardrobe so that it holds more of what we love and make sure our resources are well spent, we need to adopt a little strategy. Having a strategy means first understanding what we really want from our clothing so that we can build from there. 

We can begin to understand what the right garments are for us buy taking a look at the 20% of clothes that we wear regularly. We can ask ourselves, what are the styles and shapes of these garments? What are the fabrics? For example are the pants we love wearing tapered and slimline or more straight leg? Is it the the soft wool blend fabric that makes you feel super comfortable? Start to take note of the elements that make up your essential wardrobe. Take note of what lifestyle these garments are predominantly for. Are they work related or do they have an effortless appeal that enables you to take them from day to night, from work to a semi casual after hours event? 

When we understand why the 20% of our clothing collection gets worn again and again. We can use this information to make better choices in the future. In this way we will build a fantastic collection of pieces  and the 20% can become the majority in our wardrobes. Remember that less is more when it comes to our clothes being relevant. This will lead to us saving a pile of time and money as well as greater confidence and satisfaction each and every day. 



Lalita Lowe