Keep Your Knitwear Fresh This Winter.

                                                     Image from SABA.COM.AU

                                                     Image from SABA.COM.AU

Have you taken your Knitwear out of the cupboard for the first time this Winter to discover Pilling on your favourite item? I have! Pilling is where friction causes small balls of wool to gather on your knitwear. Over time this pilling accumulates and can make your knitwear look tired and worn out. 

Hold back from the impulse to throw out these items. Instead  you can easily and quickly (most of the time)remove those fuzzy distracting formations by using a pilling razor. Amazing I know! Something with such a self explanatory name will do wonders for your winter warmers. 

Pilling is a natural response to repeated wear and is caused by friction when rubbing against surfaces. It can occur in any area of the knit however is more like to appear in areas where the arms rub against the body or where your bag is in constant contact while carrying it. 


You can buy these pilling razors from places like Spotlight or Kmart in Australia as well as your local dry cleaner and some fashion retail stores. These razors are very easy to use and will give your knitwear new life. Viva la precious and beautiful knitwear!


Lalita Lowe