Modelling at the house of DIOR


In celebration of 70 years at the house of Dior, there are two extensive exhibitions being held simultaneously around the globe. One in Paris ( bien sûr ) where it all began,  and one here in my home town of Melbourne. 

The house of Dior had a special affinity with Australia including the fashion parade of Spring 1948 which was shown in Sydney, the first complete collection to be shown outside Paris. 

In the first week of the current exhibition, one of the models from the 1948 parade, Svetlana Lloyd, spoke at a modest gathering at the NGV, sharing her experiences during the time of Monsieur Dior. 

Two things stood out for me: Her unplanned entry into the world of modelling at DIOR and her description of Haute Couture fittings at the time.

Ms Lloyd had a graceful and elegant presence. She spoke lovingly of how she came to model at Dior through chance, after she walked into a boutique looking for work. you can listen to the excerpt of her speaking here below. 



I was also impressed by the image Svetlana painted of what it took to create perfectly fitted garments for French Women at that time. She points out the feeling of wearing garments that are ill fitting which is my sentiment also. I feel that having beautifully made garments which fit perfectly, enhance confidence and a sense of ease throughout the day. You can hear the excerpt here. 

Lalita Lowe                                                                                                                                     Personal Fashion Curator




Lalita Lowe