Lalita’s Loweisms were really clear, made great sense and are completely synergistic with my approach to fashion: quality fabric design and manufacture, with unique elements for everyday easy effortless to wear pieces, fashion at your fingertips that you love to wear, that you love every time it’s taken out of the wardrobe, it looks great and feels comfortable.
— Sharon Moore

Fashion has been a huge part of my life for many years, in fact it has taken me around the world. I’ve had the incredible privilege of working and studying with fashion industry leaders as well as with some inspiring up and coming designers in Paris and New York.  

I have studied Fashion Design in France at the Paris Fashion Institute and I have a Degree in Fashion Design and Technology from RMIT. Now I have the pleasure and honour of being a member of the RMIT Fashion Advisory Board. And along the way, I picked up a Marketing Degree from Deakin University.

When I’m not being Personal Fashion Curator, I love to spend time with my very cute and cheeky dog, Leo. We exercise in the parks of Melbourne, no gyms for us. I really enjoy sailing every week, it keeps me grounded and feeds my love of nature and being outdoors. I’m famous (or infamous) for my profiterole baking, made directly from Julia Child’s incredible book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. Having spent so much time in France, it serves as a constant reminder of the wonderful city of Paris. And my friends tell me that my dark chocolate profiteroles filled with cointreau custard are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and a 2am snack).

My first book, “Is it time to RETHINK your fashion?” is due for publication in June 2019. This book gives me the opportunity to share my own views and philosophies around fashion, and most importantly, I’m hoping it will help a lot of women and men to form better, more satisfying approach to the clothes they wear and their fashion overall. 

I’m known as a Personal Fashion Curator, because I help women and men to develop a strategy around their fashion. I give them the tools to make choices that will save both time and money when it comes to their fashion as well as developing a collection of clothes that is consistent one that suits them in every area of their life and one that is easy to create looks from, no matter what the occasion. In other words, I help them to be strategic about their fashion in a way that embodies the fun of fashion all the while being more selective about the pieces they choose and wear. This new fashion strategy helps both men and women build a refined, signature look. 

If this sounds like something you would like to find out more about, the best thing to do is drop me a line and let's have a conversation. I love to talk about fashion and my passion is helping women and men, like you, to develop a truly amazing collection of clothes.