7 reasons To Work With A Personal Fashion Curator 

Lalita made the whole process of reflecting on my fashion choices and style very accessible and enjoyable, rather than my normal state of feeling daunted. Her ‘Lowe-isms’ provided great food for thought and generated a few ah-ha moments. Perhaps the greatest insight was the idea that the world of bespoke clothing is ‘a game changer’ as she says, and is actually an option for the average woman like me.
Overall, I’m looking forward to implementing her ideas – I’ll be looking at future clothing purchases as ‘curating’ my wardrobe rather than my normal impulse buys!
— Andrea Plawutsky

Imagine opening your closet, looking inside and LOVING EVERYTHING you see. Imagine not being able to choose what to wear today because you want to wear every piece you have. In an ideal world this is how we should feel and as a Personal Fashion Curator my aim is to help both men and women experience this and make it a normal feeling not a rarity. 

What we wear has a huge influence on how we feel about ourselves, how we act and also how we are perceived. We know this, it may seem obvious, yet I’ve found that for many of my clients, it’s hugely challenging to find the right pieces that will meet their needs. Specifically clothes that make them feel really good about themselves, building their confidence no matter what body shape they are or environment they are in. 

There are so many things that can get in the way of building a satisfying collection; budget, competing priorities, self esteem or simply just a mismatch. Sometimes we find that what we thought was a fantastic outfit turns out to be a “what was I thinking?” purchase. At other times we have a few favourite items that we wear all of the time, and a pile of other pieces that just take up space in our closet. Imagine if every item was a favourite? 

Creating a satisfying collection requires inspired strategy. Here are seven reasons why working with a Personal Fashion Curator will transform your relationship between what you choose to wear, how you feel and what you buy. And over time, you will transform your entire closet to one where just about every piece is a favourite and every piece makes you feel how you want to feel about yourself..

1. You will discover your own relationship with your fashion and how it impacts every part of your life.

It’s not often we actually stop to understand why we buy the pieces we do. Working with a Personal Fashion Curator is unlike any other way you have thought about your fashion before. We will discuss each section of your collection, the favourites, less used and the forgotten pieces and understand why you wear them or don’t, and how they make you feel. 

From this discovery you will start to see some common themes and understand what is working and what is not and most importantly, why? We then use this insight to develop better buying decisions so that ultimately you end up with a collection of clothing that truly represents you and makes you feel fresh, inspired, attractive and confident. 

2. You will develop a smart, personalised fashion strategy completely customised for you. 

Often our fashion is a moment by moment experience, we usually go shopping on a whim or when we feel we need a new piece.  Buying like this doesn’t allow for the greatest outcome because there is no strategy. When I say strategy I’m not talking about a rigid strict discipline without joy or spontaneity. I’m talking about a strategy that aligns with your needs, allowing for only fabulously appropriate items to enter your collection. 

Having a strategy to buying clothing is about using guiding principles based on your personal aesthetic (look), body shape and lifestyle. Having a personal strategy for your fashion means that your collection becomes a much more authentic representation of who you are. Each piece will fit into an overall vision, it will have meaning and create positive feelings when you wear it. 

When buying new pieces you will find it so much easier to choose the right ones. Working with a Personal Fashion Curator also connects you with a large network of options from streamlining your current collection to injecting new pieces. It’s all about your needs and understanding what it takes to create a polished and relevant look.

3. You will stop having the fashion “what was I thinking?” moments in your shopping adventures.  

Remember those times when you bought something which really wasn’t appropriate? A piece that won you over because it looked fantastic on the hangar, maybe it was on trend or the colour caught your eye or the fabric felt nice? Perhaps the advertising and popularity of a garment enticed you and without realising its influence, you bought it, only to try it on at home, look in the mirror and ask yourself “what was I thinking?”. 

Having a guiding set of principles can help you avoid these random purchases and these terrible “what was I thinking?’ moments. Rather than being influenced from the outside, a Personal Fashion Curator will work with you to build a clear view on how you want your collection to be in the long run so that each piece that you buy, fits perfectly and those “what was I thinking?” moments are gone for ever. 

4. You will save a huge amount of time. 

Do you struggle to find garments that you really love? Is your current collection full of mismatched pieces creating a flurry of activity when its time to get dressed each morning? Imagine having a collection of clothing that makes it easy to choose what to wear each morning because you have lots of pieces that all work together that look amazing on you and make you feel like a million dollars. 

Having a fashion strategy will save you a pile of time because you start to develop a really tight collection that is representative of who you are. When all of your pieces work, you don’t have to spend hours on end fighting with yourself over what to wear today. 

The second element that saves you time is knowing where to shop and what to look for when you need a new piece. Finding the right garments takes time. When working with a Personal Fashion Curator you learn to stop buying on impulse and only buy when something feels and looks amazing. This takes a little discipline, but the pay off is worth it. 

There are also a growing number of options when it comes to buying clothing, making it harder, not easier to find pieces that suit you and which you love.  Navigating the online experience is also more time consuming than it appears and of course if it doesn’t fit, it has to be sent back. 

A Personal Fashion Curator also saves you time by sourcing pieces for you, knowing in advance what you need, the events, seasons and wardrobe gaps that need to be filled.  She has your measurements and knows your specific preferences in order to access her large resource of designers locally and around the globe. Sourcing from this network is much more independent and offers greater variety compared to buying from a multi brand site that has a fixed offering.  You will love the unique and personalised choices provided all the while saving you a tonne of time. 

5. You will stop wasting money by making bad fashion purchases.

Working with a Personal Fashion Curator will help you understand your unique aesthetic (look) and what your real needs are.

You will be given a guiding set of principles to help you choose the right garments, there will be less likelihood of buying items you wont wear or that you will fall out of love with quickly. 

Some of the reasons we make bad fashion purchases include: buying on impulse, not understanding what we truly need, pressure from salespeople, time pressure to buy for an event or not getting honest feedback from friends who have come on our shopping expedition. 

Working with a Personal Fashion Curator helps you understand what your sticking points are, which in turn means that you will no longer be buying new items for the wrong reasons. Imagine that? 

6. You will only invest in the right pieces that make you feel how you really want to feel,  every single time you wear them. 

To carve out your ideal signature look, it’s important to bring back the value to each and every garment you own. Each “piece” must fit into the overall vision of your collection. In order to do this we focus on quality over quantity. This means taking the time to source the right garments, ones that enhance your natural style and personality. 

We start by having the highest vision for yourself, and helping you cultivate a signature aesthetic (look). No more buying something simply because it’s cheap, or “it will do” or “ only because there’s nothing else on offer”. 

A Personal Fashion Curator reminds you to wait for the right pieces, and also has the resources to find these items for you. Taking this approach will pay dividends on many levels.

7. Put the fun, spontaneity and love back into your fashion. 

Spontaneity comes after you learn the techniques and have built a strong foundation. Having the guiding light of your ideal look is everything. Once you get a taste and know how you can feel. Just one garment, one outfit that is sublime will set a whole new precedent. It will transform what used to be a monotonous daily dressing experience into one of excitement and anticipation. 

The right pieces bring out your best self. There is no need for anything else.  Working with a Personal Fashion Curator injects the fun and anticipation of being recommended new garments you wouldn’t necessarily think of, yet when trying them on they elevate your look to a whole new level.

Alternatively if you have garments sourced for you, imagine a new delivery every quarter that is chosen especially for you? You will receive regular updates about the designers, the fabrics and the story of the garment. You will experience the joyful anticipation of regularly having hand picked garments especially for you. 

Clearly there are many reasons to work with a Personal Fashion Curator. This relationship will grow over time. Generally it starts with a session designed to get to know where you are right in terms of your fashion and where, in an ideal world you would like to be. 

We cover everything from your lifestyle needs, your current collection, your feeling towards the clothes you have, your budget, your shopping patterns and much more. The role of a Personal Fashion Curator is as much one of education as it is advice. 

From here we develop your personal fashion strategy and this is where things become fun. We might call in a tailor to make some modifications to some of the clothes that you don’t wear, we might even recolour some of your garments. We map out what you have and what works and clarify the gaps and then look to fill them, ensuring you have not only the right basics but also those powerful pieces that are incredibly versatile. 

If you are ready to really rethink your relationship with your fashion, a Personal Fashion Curator could be just the person you want to work with. It will be incredibly rewarding, lots of fun, it will save you time and money and most importantly of all, it will have a dramatic impact on how you feel every single time you put something on and go out to face the world.