Your Free 30 Minute     Consultation

I ended up questioning ‘why’ am I holding onto things I don’t wear, that don’t fit and I don’t really like. It showed me the importance of thinking before I purchase and “When In Doubt, Don’t”. I would highly recommend this session with Lalita.
— Ann Wilson

Sometimes it’s hard to navigate our personal fashion collection. We may struggle with time when choosing what to wear each morning, or wish we could save more money when buying new pieces while still being able to have the quality and look we desire. We may wish for a collection that is easy to choose from and that truly represents us, but find it eludes us.

There are many ways that I help clients achieve their fashion goals. I’m all about making sure I meet and exceed their expectations in every way and I’ve found that have a preliminary 30 minute consultation is the perfect way for us to clarify exactly how I can best help you. 

A free 30 minute Consultation with me is really easy. We simply have have a chat, over the phone or by the very easy to use ZOOM platform. I get to know you a little better and you get to know me a little better. We both get really clear on what you need. Then I will be able to recommend the best product or service to suit you (and I’ve got a great range of these on offer). 

I would love the opportunity to have a chat with you. I’m sure you will enjoy it and get a lot out of our discussion as well. All you need to do is book in your session by clicking on the button below and you will get an email confirmation. If it’s easier, feel free to email me directly at 

If you haven’t already, you might like to take a few minutes to look through my website. This will give you a better understanding about what I do and my experience in the fashion world as well as the work I do with my clients. 

I really look forward to our conversation.

Lalita Lowe